Trade Show Exhibitor Information

Conference Information

  • The conference has from 500 to 700 attendees
  • Trade show tables are located in a high traffic area that all attendees will transit through
  • The trade show is relatively small, insuring high visibility for each exhibitor

Table Information

  • Each table is 6 feet long
  • A full or half table can be booked
  • A table can be shared
  • Tables are covered in white, fitted tablecloths
  • The coordinator assigns specific locations


Cost is for the three days of the conference.

  • Full table: $100.00
  • Half table: $75.00
  • A separate $50 deposit is required in the form of a cheque. This amount will be reimbursed if all 3 days are attended.

Other opportunities for reaching conference attendees also exist.

For more information or to become an exhibitor please contact the Trade Show Coordinator