Breathing Life into Minor Characters


How to breathe life into a minor character, so that he or she can take over the reader’s interest from time to time and keep the major characters on their toes...

In this session, conference favourite Jack Whyte will distribute and examine outstanding examples of this ability that he has come across in his own reading of other authors. Participants will be invited and encouraged to rate the examples and identify just what it is that makes them so outstanding, and how the techniques could be adapted to enhance and strengthen their own writing. The class will also focus on submissions from attending participants.

The entry to this Master Class will be competitive, based upon a written response to set criteria, and attendance will be capped at twelve participants. In order to gain a place in the class, you must submit a 1000-word scene [four x 250-word manuscript pages] featuring your protagonist being surprisingly ‘upstaged’ by an unknown ‘extra’. Scenes must be sent to: kcdyer at before midnight, Tuesday, September 30, 2008. (Please write Jack Whyte Master Class in the subject line of your email.) All submissions will be forwarded to Jack for evaluation. All submissions will be acknowledged, and registration for Jack Whyte's Master Class will be opened to the 12 successful applicants and three alternates.

Questions? Contact conference coordinator kc dyer at kcdyer at

Class is strictly limited to 12 registrants.