Rambo Editing

Conference Workshop

Now you’re finished. Or are you? Once you’ve finished that manuscript how do you make it better? What are the common mistakes novelists make and how to fix them before an agent or editor sees them. Learn Bob’s systematic approach to power editing your manuscript including

  1. Making an objective assessment of your novel’s beginning, middle, and end.
  2. Evaluating each scene.
  3. Making judgments about your protagonist and antagonist.
  4. Evaluating secondary characters.
  5. Tightening the manuscript by being relentless in moving the story forward.
  6. Reviewing word and sentence choice - adjectives and adverbs vs. verbs, original similes and analogies; active vs. passive voice.
  7. Polishing your work to eliminate typos and misspellings, and other mistakes that make the reader lose trust.