Selling Your book, Marketing Yourself and Your Book and the Publishing Business for Writers

Conference Workshop

A writer friendly approach to marketing your book efficiently and then understanding the flow of a query at a publishing house and how decisions are made whether to buy a book.  Cover letters that grab the reader, how to do a one page synopsis, and other practical matters will be covered.  We will discuss what you can do marketing-wise to be a success in this business and cover a variety of techniques from book-signings, media outlets, publicists to other innovative ways.  Then on to the business:  Fee-charging agents; sell-through and sales numbers; E-books; print-on-demand; shrinking mid-lists; corporate mergers; self-publising; what does all this mean to the writer who often feels on the outside?  You hear agents and editors talk about the business but it’s important to understand a writer’s point of view.