Advanced Screenwriting


For those of you who sat through Luke's four-hour marathon master class last year, he has promised two things for this year: 1) He will try not to hold you hostage for nearly as long and 2) He's going to come back with all new material. Some of the things he'll be teaching this year: Developing Premises That Give You The Most Opportunity Creatively And Commercially, Moving Beyond Plot For Structure – How Character and Theme Can Shape Your Story, How Your Setting Connects To Character And Theme To Bring Your Story Alive, Advanced Plotting And Structural Techniques, Methods To Deepen Your Characters, Writing With Emotional Hooks, How To Write Compelling Dialogue, and at least seven other awesome things that he'll cook up between now and then.  (Okay, it may be four hours again.)  And while the class will be angled towards screenwriting, Luke's intent is to make it a class valuable to anyone looking for advanced writing techniques, no matter what area of writing you're interested in.