Could Self-Publishing Be the Perfect Solution for You?

Conference Workshop

In this interactive workshop Laura Bradbury, self-published Amazon bestselling author of My Grape Escape and the soon-to-be-released My Grape Village, explores why self-publishing is the perfect option for her and why it may also be the ideal choice for your writing career. She will lead participants through a series of questions and discussions on topics such as - How prolific are you? Do you get fired up about being an entrepreneur? Do you have access to a market for your book or can you create one? Are there reasons why traditional publishing may not be a good fit for your writing? Can impatience become your new best friend (hint- yes it can!)? Laura will share all the tips she has learned on her own self-publishing journey and show you how and why self-publishing may be both a lucrative and well-suited solution for you and your manuscript(s). This workshop is suitable for beginners, experienced writers, and everyone in between.