Killing Your Characters Correctly (or nailing the medical details in your story)

Conference Workshop

Got characters in your story who die, get injured, get sick? No time to go to medical school to make sure your details are plausible? No matter what genre you write, you want to get those medical facts right. What kind of events lead to a coma? How are viruses transmitted? What happens during an anaphylactic allergy? And what about those wonderfully dramatic—but tricky—scenes in hospitals: what’s the difference between a resident and an intern, for example? Why do some of them wear short white coats and some of them wear long white coats...and others wear no damn coat at all? Dr. Kim Foster is an author and a medical doctor, and in this presentation she’ll break down the myths and the tropes, and give you the answers you need for authenticity in your story. She went to medical you don’t have to.