Navigating Online Promotion and Social Media

Conference Workshop

You’re an author. An aspiring author. A writer who dreams of seeing her name on the cover of a book. Maybe you share that aspiration or the good news about your new publishing contract, or your new agent, with someone. Word gets out: you are a writer. Right after exclamations and congratulations come those dreaded questions: What’s your website? Do you have a blog? How are you promoting yourself? Are you on Twitter? What about Pinterest? Those inquiries are scary enough if you don’t have them - or any idea what they are.  And any number of people stand ready to tell you what you absolutely have to have to be successful. It’s enough to make you run away from the internet and never go back except for research purposes. Fear not! With the Smart Bitches trademark humor, wit, and candor, Sarah’s multimedia-enhanced remarks offer solid information about the latest in online self-promotion, addressing such questions as:

What are the must-have items for an author website? (Hint: there are only five.)

Does an author have to start a blog? (Hint: The answer is “No.” There are equally useful alternatives!)

Twitter? Facebook? Pinterest? Tumblr? What now?

While useful for all writers, this session will have a romance bent.