Ernie Chiara


In-Person Conference

Ernie Chiara is an agent at Fuse Literary who loves nothing more than working with his amazing clients on the books of their dreams. Having first joined Fuse as a writer and client, then as an agent’s assistant, and now as an agent himself, Ernie knows what it’s like to be on both sides of the query trenches, and his goal is to be the type of agent every writer hopes to find.

A past mentor and communications director for the Pitch Wars writer mentorship program with over twenty years’ experience in the fields of business management and graphic design, Ernie brings a unique skillset and a hands-on editorial approach to all he does, as well as an eye for all things creative and visual.

Outspoken about the issues of equality, both in society as a whole and as they relate to the publishing industry, Ernie prioritizes raising the voices of writers from traditionally underpublished communities, and working toward correcting the imbalance in whose stories end up on shelves.

He specializes in Adult, Young Adult, and select Middle Grade fiction in the genres of Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Horror. To find out more about what Ernie would like to see, feel free to check out his manuscript wish list at


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