Genevieve Gagne-Hawes


“Dr. Genevieve Gagne-Hawes, Writers House’s in-house editor, will be taking pitches on behalf of Amy Berkower, the Chairman of Writers House. Amy’s diverse list includes upmarket and commercial fiction (Tim Johnston, Nalini Jones, Erica Bauermeister, Karen White, Michelle Sacks, Nora Roberts). Now Amy is eager to use her experience of over forty years in publishing to help discover and market debut authors of literary and upmarket fiction. Amy and Genevieve, who has a Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of British Columbia, have worked together for 15 years, collaborating on editorial work for Amy’s clients and managing Amy’s submissions.

At this time, Amy is not acquiring fantasy, science fiction, thrillers, picture books or middle-grade books. She is very interested in literary fiction, women’s fiction, romance, especially literary romance, and literary young adult fiction. “