Shannon Hassan


In-Person Conference

Shannon Hassan is an agent at Marsal Lyon Literary representing authors of accessible literary and commercial fiction, middle grade fiction, and young adult fiction. In general, she is drawn to fresh voices, compelling characters, and crisp prose. Currently on her wish list:

For kids:

She represents MG and YA, and is open to a range of stories with authentic, memorable characters:

Heartfelt contemporary stories.
Humorous and quirky characters.
Magical twists.
Diverse perspectives.
Thrillers and mysteries.
Fresh takes on history.
Original POVs.

For adults:

“Book Club” reads that hit the sweet spot between literary and commercial.
Literary and upmarket suspense novels that are not espionage-based.
Stories of the American West.
Multicultural stories. Immigrant stories.
Historical fiction of all stripes, especially if offering a new perspective, or even a genre twist.
Women’s fiction that is heartfelt or humorous.

Give her at try!