CeCe Lyra


In-Person Conference

Cecilia (“CeCe”) Lyra is a literary agent at P.S. Literary Agency representing adult fiction and non-fiction. A long-term strategic thinker, CeCe prioritizes the creative reach and sustainable longevity of her authors’ careers, and she is especially looking for clients with whom she can build fruitful, lasting relationships. As a mixed race Latinx immigrant, CeCe understands the power of seeing oneself reflected in books, hence her passion for championing under or misrepresented voices and narratives that contribute to a larger cultural conversation. The popular podcast The Shit No One Tells You About Writing, for which CeCe is a co-host, has over two million downloads. CeCe is also a recovering lawyer but asks that you do not hold that against her.

Looking for: CeCe is looking for adult fiction and nonfiction. In fiction, CeCe’s taste gravitates towards books by women, for women, whether commercial, upmarket, or literary. She is particularly drawn to family sagas, female friendship, edgy psychological suspense, closed-setting novels, anti-heroines, and found family. In terms of nonfiction, no title is too serious or too accessible for CeCe’s taste. She is a fan of expert-driven narratives with provocative throughlines that culminate in paradigm-shifting takeaways.

Not looking for: In fiction, CeCe is not looking for YA, children’s books, or heavy SFF. In nonfiction, CeCe is not looking for sports and music. To find out more, please visit