Jessica Watterson


Virtual Conference Only – not taking pitches

Jessica Watterson joined SDLA in 2013 after graduating from UC Irvine.

A lifelong lover of books, she got her start in publishing as an indie book blogger which gives her a unique perspective in her agenting style.

She’s drawn to authentic voices and fully realized characters that leap off of the page. In regards to romance, she loves themes that challenge societal status quo, while also delivering a beautiful and thoughtful romantic arc. For Women’s Fiction, Jessica particularly gravitates to stories that heavily lean into feminism while still being accessible to the everyday reader.

For YA, she’s drawn to fun and whimsical stories, and in Middle Grade and Picture Books, stories that give readers a new window into their world.

Jessica is honored to represent an amazing list of bestselling and critically acclaimed authors that includes: Elena Armas, Ella Maise, Rosie Danan, Angie Hockman, Alexa Martin, Lillie Vale, and many more.

Please note that Jessica is specifically not interested in: non-fiction outside of pop culture, memoir, cookbooks, poetry, short stories, screenplays, self-help, Christian fiction or religious/spiritual books.