• SiWC Writers & Filmmakers discuss the ins and outs of taking a book to film.

  • Award-winning author Jim C. Hines offers a keynote address on the raw power of the written word.

  • Author and broadcaster JJ Lee talks about writing biography.

  • Writer Jane Espenson chats one-on-one with long-time friend of the conference Pamela Patchet.

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2014 Theme - Not Quite Revealed

KathyChung, September 13, 2014 - 4 comments
In a few days, we'll reveal this year's theme so those of you who're into costumes can figure out what you're going to wear to our Friday night banquet. But as always, we want to give you a chance to guess, using our ridiculous, extremely vague hints. I mean, we could tell you now, but then we'd have to kill you. Or maybe we could make something up to throw you off the trail... Guesses to me at kathychung at siwc.ca. Reveal in a few days. Stay tuned!