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  • SiWC Writers & Filmmakers discuss the ins and outs of taking a book to film.

  • Award-winning author Jim C. Hines offers a keynote address on the raw power of the written word.

  • Author and broadcaster JJ Lee talks about writing biography.

  • Writer Jane Espenson chats one-on-one with long-time friend of the conference Pamela Patchet.

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Write me a poem...

kcdyer, July 10, 2014
What are YOU doing today? Right now I'm eating eggs in my underwear and writing a blog post. [What? As if you don't write in your underwear now and then...] But earlier today I was wandering through a museum in Reykjavik, learning about the Viking settlement sagas of this magical land. And there I learned the story of a Viking boy who was so ruthless he killed someone for looking at him the wrong way when he was EIGHT. He was the son of a smith, and was a good [if a bit hot-tempered] smith in his own right, but he had an inclination for trouble. And for writing. So after he grew up and was due to be put to death for yet another hot-headed indiscretion -- he wrote a poem about it [the title, roughly translated, was something like The Reprieve] AND THEY LET HIM GO. AND praised his story-telling abilities. Poetry can save your life, I'm telling you. You heard it here first. Poetry can also win you $1000 bucks. Have you entered the contest yet? You know, I have been overseeing this...