• Mary Robinette Kowal shares the secrets of short stories.

  • Cory Doctorow describes how information doesn't want to be free.

  • Lining up for Diana Gabaldon's signature!

  • Chuck Wendig shows attendees his Terrible Mind!

  •  Carol Monaghan [our Betty White of the North], keeps things moving!

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Call for Photos and Videos

KathyChung, November 16, 2014
Attention all #SiWC14 attendees! We saw you with your smart phones and cameras at the conference, taking tonnes of pictures and snips of video all weekend long. We'd love to see what you captured.  Please send us any photos, video clips (shorter than 3 minutes), Vines, or whatever other sorts of images you may have taken at SiWC this October that you'd like to share. Our email address for images is siwcimages@gmail.com If you get them to us before November 30, we'll enter you in our photo and video contest. We'll pick a winner before Christmas.  If you're sending photos of people, it'd be great if you could tell us their names. Thanks! Sending us your images indicates your permission for us to use them freely for promotional purposes, but you retain your copyright. Thanks for helping us show people what SiWC is all about!