• Mary Robinette Kowal shares the secrets of short stories.

  • Cory Doctorow describes how information doesn't want to be free.

  • Lining up for Diana Gabaldon's signature!

  • Chuck Wendig shows attendees his Terrible Mind!

  •  Carol Monaghan [our Betty White of the North], keeps things moving!

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#SiWC15 Writing Contest

kcdyer, March 27, 2015
Happy springtime! Things are warming up all over, and no more so than here at SiWC Central, where we are shedding our winter layers and welcoming some writing-in-the-sun time. Our writing contest opens up this year on April 1st. Have you got an entry ready for us yet? If not, there's still time -- contest deadline this year is midnight, September 18th. You'll notice a change in our guidelines this year -- we are only accepting entries in the Storyteller category, which encompasses any piece of short fiction, 2500-5000 words. If you've written a short story lately, why not give the contest a whirl? Entry fees have not been raised in over a decade, and the return is excellent. First prize is $1000 and publication on the front page of our website. So follow the links on the menu above and have a look at the 2015 SiWC Writing Contest Submission Guidelines, and we'll look forward to seeing YOU on the winner's podium at the conference this fall! Any questions? Email me at...