• Mary Robinette Kowal shares the secrets of short stories.

  • Cory Doctorow describes how information doesn't want to be free.

  • Lining up for Diana Gabaldon's signature!

  • Chuck Wendig shows attendees his Terrible Mind!

  •  Carol Monaghan [our Betty White of the North], keeps things moving!

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Happy August!

kcdyer, August 1, 2015
Hey there! So, I'm on the road touring my new novel FINDING FRASER [in St. Albert, Alberta at the moment, actually] and hoping that YOU are having the best summer EVAH! But now that the dog days of summer are here, I wanted to remind you that the Early Bird pricing for the conference this year lasts only until the end of this very month. We at SiWC Central have learned, over the years, just how deadline-devoted most writers are, and we certainly get lots of last-minute registrations. But why not make this the year you book yourself in early enough to take advantage of our excellent Early Bird rates? [This financial reminder brought to you by the writer who paid her property taxes 12 HOURS late this year and had to eat a 10% penalty. Let's just say I KNOW whereof I speak!] Okay -- back to summertime fun for you -- and a LONG, crazy drive for me! ~kc kc dyerDirector, #SiWC15kcdyer@siwc.cakcdyer.com orsweetly tweeting @kcdyer