• Mary Robinette Kowal shares the secrets of short stories.

  • Cory Doctorow describes how information doesn't want to be free.

  • Lining up for Diana Gabaldon's signature!

  • Chuck Wendig shows attendees his Terrible Mind!

  •  Carol Monaghan [our Betty White of the North], keeps things moving!

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SiWC Unconference - Deadline Extension

KathyChung, August 10, 2015
Hello, all! I'm just back from a family vacation, and the frightening state of my email inbox is about to be your gain. To give me a bit of time to catch up before I turn my attention to sorting the unconference submissions for the board to consider, I'm extending the submission deadline. Instead of today, the deadline will now be Friday, August 21 at 5pm Pacific.  We have received a solid number of submissions, but I know from talking with some of you that there are more of you out there with great information to share. Whether you've been on the fence, debating whether you want to get up in front of an audience for 15 minutes even though you have something great to say, or you've been meaning to submit, but summer busyness got in the way of good intentions, or you aren't sure what you want to talk about is worthwhile (try us!), this is your chance. Here's the submission information from our earlier post about it: Brand new at #SiWC15 is the SiWC Unconference...