Frequently Asked Questions


Q: When will I be able to register?

A: Registration for SiWC opens the first Wednesday in June at noon Pacific.

Q: What dates are the conference?

A: Please check the webpage header for the dates of this year's conference.

Q: How much will the conference cost this year?

A: Prices will be posted in the spring. As ever, SiWC is not-for-profit and sets prices to cover our costs. 

Q: Can I donate so someone else can attend?

A: Yes. When you register, you’ll be given the option to pay for or toward someone else’s registration costs.

Q: Will SiWC be accessible?

A: Yes, we are committed to making our conference as accessible as possible. If you require accommodations to make the conference accessible to you, please contact our accessibility coordinator Camille at

Q: Do you need volunteers?

Of course! We couldn't run SiWC without our amazing volunteers. Please see our Get Involved page for details.

Q: Will the conference be virtual, in person, or hybrid for 2022?
As soon as we have made a decision, we'll send out the information to our newsletter list and will post it on our website and social media. We expect to announce this decision by February.

FAQ: In-person conference

Do I need to sign up for individual workshops?
  • No. Only Master classes must be registered for individually.
  • Conference workshops are open to all attendees.
  • Blue Pencil and Pitch sessions run concurrently with the workshops and panels, so attendees come and go throughout each workshop. We just ask that you leave and return quietly, as a courtesy.
Do we receive confirmation of our registration, pitch and blue pencil appointments?
  • Yes. You will receive email confirmation.
  • When you arrive at the conference, all the information will be in your registration package.
Does the cost of registration include the hotel room?
  • No, registration costs are for conference only.
  • Book your room at the hotel with a special conference discount, while available.
  • The link to the hotel booking site is on our Venue page.
  • SiWC is a separate entity from the hotel. Any questions about rooms, parking, or other hotel-related issues should be directed to the front desk.
How do I cancel my registration?
  • Email the details to our conference administrator at
  • Please carefully check the registration page for cancellation cut-off dates and fees.
How can I get more involved in the conference?

Find out about volunteering for the conference, suggesting presenters or presenting yourself on our Get Involved page.

How should I dress?
  • For comfort.
  • Dress in layers; some rooms are hot, some are cold.
  • Friday nights are for themed costumes, if you choose.
  • The only formal night is the Saturday Night Banquet, but you are welcome to look terrific at any time.
I can only come for a day. Which should I choose?
  • Check the workshop page to find the best day for you. 
  • Friday and Saturday are longer days, as the conference wraps up after lunch on Sunday.
I have food allergies. How can I get a safe meal?
  • Please alert us to your allergies and dietary restrictions well ahead of time by sending an email to conference coordinator Kathy Chung at
  • Special meals requested less than five [5] days before the conference opens will be subject to additional fees passed on to us from the hotel.
Is the conference venue wheelchair accessible?

Yes. Elevators are available to take you from Parking to the Lobby, and also to the upper floor where the workshops are held.

Is there an age limit for the conference?
  • We're here for writers from 15 to 150; we don't care what your age is!
  • Very few workshops have adult content, and if your teen has your approval to attend, we're fine with it.
  • Please note, however, there is no individual supervision available for under 18's.
  • We encourage young writers to attend in groups or with teachers — contact Conference Coordinator Kathy Chung for details.
  • We offer a special deal for writers under 18 to attend on the Friday of our conference, which coincides with a province-wide Professional Day, and our Tan Seagull scholarship is aimed at young writers.
Is the writing contest open only to writers attending the conference?
  • No. The writing contest is open to anyone, anywhere.
  • We've had winners from all over the world.
  • You do not need to attend the Conference to submit your work. Check out the details on our Writing Contest page.
What is the best way to stay up-to-date with changes and new information?
  • Read our blog or follow us on twitter: @SiWCtweets.
  • We're also on Instagram at siwcpics. See you there!
Where and when is the next conference?
  • Location: Sheraton Vancouver Guildford Hotel 15269 104 Ave, Surrey, BC.
  • Check the header on the home page for our dates .
  • Registration opens in early June.
Who do I contact to suggest presenters for the future?
  • Send names and contact information of potential presenters, their website if they have one, and any background information you have in an email to our conference coordinator:
  • For more details, see our Get Involved pages.
Will I get to spend time with the authors and other conference presenters?
  • Yes! That's the beauty of this conference. We're all in it together.
  • At our Mystery Lunch, you won't know until the last minute who the 'Honoured Guest' at your table will be.
  • Rub shoulders with everyone in the elevators, in the hallways, over drinks in the lounge...make your own connections!