People Are Saying...

A smattering of some of the very nice things people have said about SiWC over the years...

  • "There is a sense of joy at the shared endeavour, an eagerness for self improvement and a general love of storytelling and writing. Totally awesome from any way you look at it, and subtle parts making up to the whole - the masterful and seemingly effortless Emceeing, the respect for the hotel staff, the many and varied keynotes, the shock theatre, the ‘morning musters’ to announce what’s going on, the presentations themselves, the trade stands. The parts make the whole, and the whole is stupendous." Jasper Fforde, presenter
  • "I’ve been to writing conferences in many different places (including New York), plus medical conferences and blogging/social media conferences in Toronto, etc…and the environment you guys create at SIWC, and the show you put on, is the absolute BEST. I always find myself comparing things to SIWC and thinking…nope, not as awesome. So there you have it—for me, SIWC is the gold standard." Dr. Kim Foster, presenter
  • I got so much value out of the workshops I attended. Robert Wiersema’s Make Readers Cry elicited real tears from me and several other participants." Robin Spano, presenter
  • "This conference is inclusive!!! You treat everyone with respect. You make everyone feel like a writer and that is the best and probably most difficult thing to do." Tricia Barker, writer
  • "This is one of the most seamlessly well-run conferences. It’s marvelous!" Sarah Wendell, presenter
  • "SiWC rocks!" Laurel Bieber, writer
  • "I can’t believe what a fantastic opportunity this is, and what an excellent network of supportive and enthusiastic writers springs from it… what a joy!" Inary M. Vaissi Nagy, writer
  • "I love SiWC. It is the one conference I come to year after year. Every year I am renewed, inspired, and motivated. Thank you to the organizers and board for all your hard work." Christine Brant, writer
  • "I discovered that I was not alone as a writer. Even published authors struggle with their writing, and their insights and advice were invaluable. I came away filled with so much practical knowledge about how to improve my writing. I loved the way I was treated by the authors and editors – as an equal experiencing the same ups and downs." Lester Patrick, writer

And a bit of anonymous feedback from our evaluations...

  • I love this conference and appreciate all the work and love you put into it.
  • Thank-you, 1000 times!! This weekend changed my life and my writing profoundly. I can't wait for next year’s conference. Everyone involved went above and beyond, the vibe was incredible.
  • This shit changed my life. [sic!]
  • Take a bow! You are awesome.
  • Love that you’re giving opportunities to young writers.
  • This was the most amazing experience. I will be back.