Contest Winners

2022 Jack Whyte Storyteller's Award

Winner: CZ Tacks for 'Bliss Street'

Honourable Mention: Michael Carson* for 'Andouille'

Honourable Mention: Jennifer Lott for 'Thirty Minutes to Live'

*previous winner or honourably mentioned



2021 Jack Whyte Storyteller's Award

Winner: Garry Litke for 'Once Upon a Time in Camelot'

Honourable Mention: Kaile Shilling for 'Death and Laughter'

Honourable Mention: Michelle Barker* 'ReSpawn'

*previous winner or honourably mentioned



2020 Storyteller's Award

Winner: Robin Malcolm* for 'Philomena'

Honourable Mention: Janet K. Smith for 'Maslow Meets the Mayfly Moon'

Honourable Mention: Adrienne Gruber for 'The Smell of Screaming'

*previous winner or honourably mentioned



2019 Storyteller's Award

Winner: Cameron MacDonald for 'Mourgadze'

Honourable Mention: Crystal Bourque for 'He Who Can Open All Doors'

Honourable Mention: Mike Carson* for 'Deep Water'

*previous winner or honourably mentioned

2018 Storyteller's Award

Winner: Robin Malcolm*, for 'The Bumblebee's Daughter'

Honourable Mention: Margot Spronk, for 'Biophilia'

Honourable Mention: Deepthi Atukorala for 'White Rabbit'

*previous winner or honourably mentioned

2017 Storyteller's Award

Winner: Michelle Barker*, for 'MVP'

Honourable Mention: Erin Evans, for 'The Hub'

Honourable Mention: Keltie Zubko* for 'Towing the Mustang'

2016 Storyteller's Award

Winner: Claire Gregory, for 'Forget Me Not'

Honourable Mention: Angela Post, for 'Sourdough'

Honourable Mention: Keltie Zubko for 'The Mechanic's Hands'

2015 Storyteller's Award

Winner: Paula Lemke for 'Stalker'

Honourable Mention: Shari Green* for 'Sandbagging

Honourable Mention:Charlene Kwiatkowski for 'Perfect Symmetry'

2014 Storyteller's Award

Winner: Deborah Blacklock for 'The Assignment'

Honourable Mention: Elizabeth Holden Schoenfeld* for 'Joe Stalin for King...'

2014 Non-Fiction Award

Winner: Tyner Gillies* for 'A Crash Course in Leadership'

Honourable Mention: Roxanne Gregory for 'Jill the Ripper'

2014 Poetry Award

Winner: Keith Garbarian for 'Armenian Elegy'

Honourable Mention: Heather A. O'Connor for 'Buttercups'

2014 Writing for Young People

Winner: Laurie Crookell for 'The Final Goal'

Honourable Mention: Caitlin Crawshaw for 'Busy, Busy Baby'

2013 Storyteller's Award

Winner: Jennifer Manuel for 'The Woman In the Box With the Baby' & 'All Those Teeth in the Sand'

Honourable Mention: Elizabeth Schoenfeld for 'Les Tricoteuses'

2013 Non-Fiction Award

Winner: Tyner Gillies* for 'Blood In Her Hair'

Honourable Mention: Andi Wiseman 'A Handful of Moonlight'

2013 Poetry Award

Winner: Joelene Heathcote for 'Mnenomics for a Pair of Hands'

Honourable Mention: Francie Louanne for 'Raven Rendezvous'

2013 Writing for Young People

Winner: Tracy Belsher for 'AnnE'

Honourable Mention: Amy Dupire Jones* for 'Frozen Stiff'

2012 Storyteller's Award

Winner: Ace Baker* for 'Victory Girl'

Honourable Mention: Stephanie Grey for 'Like Winter We Are Cruel'

2012 Non-Fiction Award

Winner: Mike Carson* for 'A Murder of Crows'

Honourable Mention: Carol Despeaux for 'Assisted Living Questionnaire'

2012 Poetry Award

Winner: Nancy Sayre for 'Lifelines'

Honourable Mention: Meharoona Ghani for 'Audrey's Moment'

2012 Writing for Young People

Winner: Trish Loye Elliot for 'Career Day'

Honourable Mention: Julie O'Connell for 'Tsunami'

2011 Storyteller's Award

Winner: Kathleen Bullock for 'Master Gardener'

Honourable Mention: Ken McBeath for 'Dirty Old Town'

2011 Non-Fiction Award

Winner: Susan Pieters for 'Not About Alice'

Honourable Mention: Christine Peters for 'Family Member'

2011 Poetry Award

Winner: Ace Baker for  'Silver Anniversary'

Honourable Mention: Carol Despeaux for 'Broken Things'

2011 Writing for Young People

Winner: Jocelyn Shipley for 'A Big Backyard Umbrella Dork'

Honourable Mention: Amy Dupire Jones* for 'The Fortune Teller'

2010 Storyteller's Award

Winner: Kristene Perron for 'Birds Also Cry'  

Honourable Mention: Tyner Gillies* for 'What It Means To Bleed'

2010 Non-Fiction Award

Winner: Nancy Hayes for 'Salaam Aliakum - Peace to You'

Honourable Mention: Mike Carson* for 'Some Kind of Magic'

2010 Poetry Award

Winner: Del McNulty 'The Going'

Honourable Mention: Betty Scott 'Flirting at the Neighbourhood Bakery'

2010 Writing for Young People

Winner: Shari Greene 'In Lieu of a Wardrobe'

Honourable Mention: Sara Leach for 'Slug Day'

2009 Storyteller's Award

Winner: JS Lyster for 'The Mower's Trial'

Honourable Mention: Mike Carson for 'Choking' and Michelle Barker for 'The Monkey Maker'

2009 Non-Fiction Award

Winner: Mike Carson for 'A Matter of Faith'

Honourable Mention: Jennifer Coffey for 'Circuitry'

2009 Poetry Award

Winner: Carol MacKay for 'Writing the Prairie on Hornby Island'

Honourable Mention: Daniela Elza for 'tabula e rasa' and Leslie Prentice for 'The Bowl'

2009 Writing for Young People

Winner: Trish Loye Elliot for 'A Dark Weaving'

Honourable Mention: Amy Jones Dupire for 'Bugaboo'

2008 Storyteller's Award

Winner: Elissa Fan Struth for 'Mall Girl'

Honourable Mention: Ray Jones for 'Beseech' and Susan Pieters for 'Glass Curtain'

2008 Non-Fiction Award

Winner: Roxanne Gregory for 'Forgotten Lives'

Honourable Mention: Anne Herman for 'Comme Il Faut' and Angela Long for 'Droplets of Hope'

2008 Poetry Award

Winner: Angela Long for 'Testimony Suite'

Honourable Mention: Dan Neil for 'Walking with Water' and Virginia McCausland for 'The Secret'

2008 Writing for Young People

Winner: Stasia Ward Kehoe for 'Audition'

Honourable Mention: Dana Remillard for 'Secret Friend Club' and Helene Boudreau for 'October Storm'

2007 Storyteller's Award

Winner: Christine Brant for 'A Decade of Scottsdale'  

Honourable Mention:Stephanie O'Malley for 'La Tuna Tryptich"

Honourable Mention: Debra Purdy Kong for 'Some Mother's Child'

2007 Non-Fiction Award

Winner: Bridget Foley for 'Bloodletting'

Honourable Mention: Paula Stromberg for 'Wet'

2007 Poetry Award

Winner: Joyce Statton 'Death Watch'

Honourable Mention: Susan Glickman 'Yarrow'

Honourable Mention:Wendy Joy 'for the centre'

2007 Writing for Young People

Winner: Amy Dupire Jones for 'Fowl Play'

Honourable Mention: Kathleen Bullock for 'Motley Hugh'

*previous winner or honourably mentioned