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Looking Ahead to #SiWC16, January 19, 2016
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Surrey International Writers' Conference Newsletter

From conference coordinator Kathy:

Kathy Chung


January is speeding by at such an astounding rate here at SiWC Central that SiWC 2016 will be here before we know it. Just nine months from now, the Sheraton Guildford Hotel in Surrey, BC, will be home once again to the Surrey International Writers’ Conference, our 24th annual, which will run October 21-23, with master classes on the 20th. Mark your calendars!

In the coming months, we’ll announce our registration opening date, which will be in June, as usual. If you’re planning to attend this year, we’d recommend signing up early. We sold out in 2015 and had to turn many people away, and we don’t want you to miss out!

We’ll be updating our website between now and registration opening with this year’s presenters and programming, as well as details of this year’s writing contest, which will open to submissions in April and will offer a $1000 first prize. For the time being, we’ve taken down last year’s in preparation for the new content. We’ve also added LOTS of pictures from #SiWC15, including a great collection by our official photographer for the year, Sandra Vander Schaaf. Stop by and have a look! 

Do you have a good news story from 2015 or Surrey International Writers' Conferences past? If you signed with an agent you found at the conference, ended up with a book deal out of it, connected with people who helped you self-publish your work, or otherwise found success in part because of your experience at SiWC, please do email and let us know. You can send your news to at with “SiWC Good News” in the subject line. We love good news stories, and we’re very proud of our track record. Not a year has gone by in anyone’s memory here at SiWC Central without successful pitch appointments resulting in agent signings or book deals at SiWC, and 2015 was no exception. If you email us, please let us know if your story is for our eyes only or if we can share it publicly. Thank you!

We’ll be back in your inbox in the spring, but I’m always here for questions. You can also find us on Twitter @siwctweets and on Facebook

~ Kathy
Kathy Chung
SiWC Conference Coordinator