Tori Allen


In-Person Conference

Tori Allen stumbled into radio 20 years ago, and she’s been telling stories with voice, music and sound ever since. She started the Peter Gzowski Internship at CBC Radio in 2004, and went on to work on local and national CBC Radio shows. You might have heard her as Contest Girl on GO!, or telling arts stories on the Toronto morning show. She was a founding member of q, where she produced memorable interviews with Billy Bob Thornton, Dave Matthews, Barbara Walters and Harry Belafonte. While celebrity interviews are fun, Tori prefers talking to “”regular people”” and helping them tell their own stories.

In 2012, Tori followed her heart (and now husband) to Seoul, Korea, where she worked as a freelance reporter. For four years, she filed stories on topics ranging from professional video game teams to corporate nap rooms to conflicts at the North Korean border. In 2016, Tori and her growing family moved to Phuket, Thailand, where she started working with Pacific Content as a freelance producer and host for branded podcasts. Now happily back in Canada, Tori continues to work with Pacific Content, helping clients who want to tap into the power of audio storytelling and podcasting.