Michael Slade


Michael Slade is a Vancouver criminal lawyer who has acted in more than 100 murder cases. Slade’s specialty is psychopathology, and he argued the last hanging appeal in the Supreme Court of Canada. Based on that experience, Slade’s 14 thrillers about the Special X psycho-hunters of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police fuse the genres of police and legal procedure, whodunit, history, horror, and suspense. On publication of HEADHUNTER in 1984, the Mounties invited him to their Red Serge Ball and as guest speaker at several regimental dinners. Every aspect of Mountie Noir in the Special X series comes from research amid real-life cops. As Time Out magazine puts it, “A thin line separates crime and horror, and in Michael Slade’s thrillers, the demarcation vanishes altogether.” As proof, Slade was guest speaker at the International Police Leadership Conference and guest of honour at the World Horror Convention.

HEADHUNTER Reimagined is an all-new telling of Slade’s first thriller based on what’s come true over the ensuing decades: The retelling is in development as a cable TV series by the producer of CAPOTE and “Motive.”

Slade is currently at work on GHOUL Reimagined and the 15th Special X thriller.

“Crime writer Michael Slade is the real deal! As a trial lawyer, Slade knows psycho killers, sex predators, and their horrific crimes inside out. As a Mountie, I worked sex crimes and led a team of ViCLAS psycho-hunters for 7 years. If reading Slade makes you react, ‘Wow! Serial killers don’t really do that to people, do they?’, I can tell you, yes, they do.” – RCMP Staff Sergeant Christine Wozney (ret.), CO of the Violent Crime Linkage Analysis team (West Coast).

MICHAEL SLADE’S SHOCK THEATRE – launched at SiWC – is now in its 12th year.