SiWC 2020 Writing Contest OPEN!

pens & inkHello Fellow Isolators!

In an uncertain world, where everything we count on seems to be changing daily, let’s at least provide one certainty to cling to — the SiWC Writing Contest, Apocalypse Edition, is now OPEN.

The contest will run according to the rules you can find here. In a weirdly prescient move, last fall we decided that the contest will run entirely online henceforth, and, well, here we are.

You know, last month when things were going south, a friend emailed me to point out how lucky we writers are, that we have our imaginary worlds to plunge into when the real world begins to look stranger than fiction. And so today, I invite you to do what you do best — pick up your pen or turn to your keyboard, and write me a story. First prize remains $1000, and publication in the wonderful Pulp Literature magazine. Questions? Email me at

In these troubled times, let your pen take you away, people — and when you are done, send your entry to us. May you have good health, and may your many excellent words flow forth!



kc dyer, Contest Coordinator
sweetly tweeting @kcdyer