The Annual Ride Share Blog 2017

Want to cut down on your carbon footprint and maybe get to know someone new in the process? This is the thread for you!

Use the comments section to find ride share options for this year’s SiWC. We suggest posting whether you want to share a cab from the airport, are happy to drive people in your car from somewhere in the Lower Mainland or over on the ferry, or if you’d love to be a passenger to share expenses with someone who’s driving. (That’s important; if you’re asking for a ride, please offer to share expenses!) It’s helpful if you say what day(s) you’re arriving and leaving, too.

As ever, please use your common sense about what you post publicly and pay attention to your Spidey senses. We offer this thread as a courtesy, but we don’t know everyone who posts, and can take no responsibility for your carpool experience. That being said, lots of great connections have been made on shared rides over the years, and we hope that’ll be true again this year.

If you’re looking to share a hotel room to split expenses or because the hotel is completely sold out, please check out our room share blog here.



  1. C. J. Davidson

    Hi! My plane lands at around 7:30 Pm on Thursday the 19th. I’m flying in from Dallas Texas. Does anyone want to share a ride? 🙂

    • Cheryl Rosbak

      Are you coming in to YVR or Abbottsford? I’m landing around that time in Abbottsford.

    • Chirstina Wodtke

      If you want to wait until I land at 9:05…..

  2. Iryn

    I’m arriving at YVR at 2:41PM on Thursday. Looking to share a ride to Surrey, to split the cost.

  3. I’m arriving at 9:05 on Thursday at YVR and would love to share a cab/ride!

    I’ll also be seeking one back Sunday (also YVR) at 3:55 PM


    • C. J. Davidson

      Christina I am waiting for Cat.. Im sure we can wait for you too. If you want email me at to coordinate:)

    • Cat Finch

      Are you catching a cab at 3:55 or your plane leaves then?

    • C. J. Davidson

      Christina I can wait for you if you want. I will be arriving at Vancouver International at 7 30

  4. Lois Peterson

    I’m driving on to the 3:15 ferry at Duke Point Nanaimo headed for Tsawassen (arriving 5:15pm) on Thursday, if anyone from mid-Island needs a ride to the conference, let me know. I will be headed back to the Tsawassen for the 3:15 trip on Sunday, and able to drop anyone off who wants to catch a ferry at that time…(I’m staying on the Mainland that night, so you’d be walking on.)

  5. I’m arriving Wednesday night 8:20 PM at Vancouver Intl Airport. hoping to share a cab.

    • C. J. Davidson

      Cat Finch I can wait for you. Email me at and we can coordinate! 🙂

      • Cat Finch

        Hi C.J. – Unfortunately, I arrive on Wednesday, not Thursday like you.

        • C. J. Davidson

          Cat, Wow. I think i missed the Wed. Part. My apologies. I had a moment

      • Christina

        Holley you’ll see my email!

  6. Beth Shope and I are coming into Vancouver on Wednesday at 1:00 and 1:30 pm if somoene wants to share a ride.

    • I arrive Wednesday at 2:16. (The airport.) Would that work for you?

  7. I’m staying in False Creek and hoping to catch a ride! Is anyone driving in from Vancouver on Fri/Sat? Thanks!

  8. C. J. Davidson

    I will fly in to Vancouver International Airport. At 7 30ish

  9. Nancy Desilets

    Hi, I am arriving at Vancouver Airport on Thursday morning so I can make an afternoon Masterclass. My flight arrives at 9:50am and I am looking to share a cab. Apparently a cab will cost around $80.00-$85.00.

  10. Hi Iryn, I arrive on a small plane at Harbour Air and then take a shuttle to the main airport. I was going to take the Skytrain from there but am willing to share a cab. I get int 2:15 so can be at main airport by 2:45 . If that works for you, let me know.

    • Iryn Tushabe

      Yes, Rose, I’d love to share a cab. I’ll be the African woman with braided hair. I hope I haven’t replied too late. I forgot to check back for a response.

  11. Val English

    I’m arriving at YVR airport Wednesday around 5:30 PM. Interested in either sharing a cab or riding the train together. If we arrive at nearest train station (Surrey Central) by 6:30 pm the hotel shuttle will pick us up. If not, there is a taxi line and cost is about $10 for taxi from train station to hotel.

  12. C.j.davidson

    I am here at the airport yvr. Waiting for christina w. Just shoot an email. 🙂 and anyone else who may want to share a ride.