The Annual Ride Share Blog 2018

It’s time once again for our annual ride share blog. This is a chance for you to arrange carpools to and from the conference or connect with people who are flying in or out around the same time as you are to share a cab.

Use the comments section to find ride share options for this year’s SiWC. We suggest posting whether you want to share a cab from the airport, are happy to drive people in your car from somewhere in the Lower Mainland or over on the ferry, or if you’d love to be a passenger to share expenses with someone who’s driving. (That’s important; if you’re asking for a ride, please offer to share expenses!) It’s helpful if you say what day(s) you’re arriving and leaving, too.

As ever, please use your common sense about what you post publicly and pay attention to your Spidey senses. We offer this thread as a courtesy, but we don’t know everyone who posts, and can take no responsibility for your carpool experience. That being said, lots of great connections have been made on shared rides over the years, and we hope that’ll be true again this year.

If you’re looking to share a hotel room to split expenses or because the hotel is completely sold out, please check out our room share blog here.



  1. Doug James

    Driving out from NW Calgary, leaving Thursday morning. Heading home Sunday afternoon after the SIWC wraps up, intending to arrive home that evening. Call me at 403 890-7143. Driving a 4 door sedan with good snow tires. Non-smokers only please. Doug

  2. Ann

    Hi. I am driving from mid- Vancouver Island through Duke Point and can take non smoking passengers willing to share costs. I am leave no from the Comox Valley.

  3. Laura Lanning

    Leaving Wednesday after 12:30pm from the Seattle metro area (I5 corridor, a bit north of Northgate). Can leave later but would prefer to be out of Seattle by 3. Offering a ride *to* the conference only. Car seats up to four comfortably with room for appropriate luggage and writerly backpacks. Music, podcasts, audiobooks by consensus.

    • Laura Lanning

      PS no smokers (even vaping) due to my asthma. Sorry!

  4. Sandi Olson

    Leaving the south end of Seattle early afternoon/ evening on Wednesday, returning early afternoon on Sunday and I’d love to carpool with someone. I can pick up/ drop off along the way as long as you’re on or near the I5 corridor, or I could drive to meet you and ride with you as long as I can safely leave my car wherever we meet. I drive a small car, so only 1 seat available.

  5. Cheryl

    I’m arriving at YVR at 4:30 Wednesday. Anyone want to share a cab to the hotel?

  6. Shalin

    We are two women who would like a ride from Vancouver on Friday morning.

  7. doug james

    Heading west to Calgary Sunday early afternoon after SIWC, via Coquihalla and TransCanada; 403 890-7143 if you want to share a ride through to the end or or points in between. Doug