The Annual Room Share Blog, 2018 Edition

Have a room at the completely sold out hotel that you’d like to share with someone to save some money? Couldn’t get a room and would love to find someone who’s willing to share? This post is for you!

Please use the comments section to connect with potential roommates. We suggest posting whether you have or want a bed and for what nights, whether you have a gender preference for a roommate, whether you’re party animal or early-to-bed type, and any other relevant info like your terrible snoring or tendency to sleepwalk.

Remember, we provide this comment thread as a courtesy, but we don’t get involved in roommate arrangements, and many of the people involved are new to us, so we can’t vouch for them or take any responsibility for your room share experience. Please use your common sense and pay attention to your Spidey Senses.

That being said, some great connections have been made through this thread, with people finding new friends or critique partners, or simply enjoying the chance to share the quiet moments at the conference with someone who’s as excited as you are about writing.

Also, if you’re not up for sharing and are still looking for somewhere to stay, at the time of writing this, the Sandman Suites just a few blocks away still had rooms and were giving our attendees a good rate if you call direct and tell them you’re coming for the conference. This will likely end very soon!

Good luck!



  1. Doug James

    I’ve got the standard room (two queens, I believe) at the Sheraton Guilford for Thursday pm check-in through to Sunday am check-out at the original SIWC rate ($ 148.69/night; I suggest a 50:50 split). I’m a 72 year old married male and I think that this will be my fourth SIWC. I had reserved the room in case my wife came but that did not come to pass. Male or Female, with the only restriction being non-smokers only please.

  2. Crystal T

    I ended up reserving at the Holiday Inn Express because the actual location was sold out. Would much prefer to stay in the actual hotel of the conference and didn’t know this room share was a thing!

    Could be fine with a party roomie, or a quiet and early to bed roomie although I might lean slightly towards someone in the middle of those somewhere 🙂

    Happy to pay half the room rate. I am arriving the 17th and leaving on the 22nd – but the extra days on either side I can deal with on my own (as I said I have the Holiday Inn booking that I hope I can change/cancel if someone is interested in a roomie).

    I don’t think I snore on any kind of regular basis. Don’t think I have any really, truly offensively atrocious habits. Let me know if you are looking 🙂

    • Barbara Grodaes

      Hi Crystal. Did you find a roomie? I have a room booked and am considering sharing. I haven’t responded before because I kind of like the alone thing but the extra money not spent on the room would help in the cost of going. I think I do snore but not sure. I also lean slightly towards someone in the middle of party and quiet. I am coming from Edmonton and really don’t know many others. I was there last year and also not able to stay at the conference hotel and I sure would have liked to. Let me know what you think. Oh, the room cost with tax and all the other fees works out to $148.69/night so the total cost is $446.07 that we could split and I have the room booked from the 18th to the 21st at noon.

      • Crystal T

        Hi Barbara,
        I didn’t see this until today – I am really sorry for the late reply. I do see there is someone else who posted below who looks like they could use a roommate a lot more than I need it. So maybe you two could connect? I will check back here for the next couple of days to see if anyone posts any updates.
        If it turns out that the other person has already found a room I would be happy to share.

  3. I have a B&B booked and was planning to drive back and forth, but got myself a concussion and now I have to get hubby to drive me from the Shuswap. He’ll leave with the car, so staying at the Sheraton would solve a lot of problems, like giving me a place to rest during the day if the head is not happy with all the excitement.

    Looking for a female roomie. I’ve been coming to SiWC off and on since 2009. I’ve signed contracts with publisher and agent after pitches here. I’m traditionally a night owl, but thanks to the concussion, do not expect to be this year. I do snore now and then; I’ll bring you ear plugs just in case. 🙂

  4. Doug James

    We’ve been out of town for two weeks and I haven’t been checking back here. Space is still available if anyone is interested. Please call 403 282-8911. Thanks, Doug

  5. Doug James

    The extra bed has just been taken. Thanks to anyone who read my note; thanks to SIWC and Cathy Chung for making this possible. Doug