The Annual Room Share Blog – 2019 Edition

Have a room at the hotel that you’d like to share with someone to save some money? Couldn’t get a room and would love to find someone who’s willing to share? This post is for you!

Please use the comments section to connect with potential roommates. We suggest posting whether you have or want a bed and for what nights, whether you have a gender preference for a roommate, whether you’re party animal or early-to-bed type, and any other relevant info like your terrible snoring or tendency to sleepwalk.

Remember, we provide this comment thread as a courtesy, but we don’t get involved in roommate arrangements, and many of the people involved are new to us, so we can’t vouch for them or take any responsibility for your room share experience. Please use your common sense and pay attention to your Spidey Senses.

That being said, some great connections have been made through this thread, with people finding new friends or critique partners, or simply enjoying the chance to share the quiet moments at the conference with someone who’s as excited as you are about writing.

Good luck!



  1. James Andrew Duncan

    Have a room with a pull out couch for the 3 days, if you’re interested in sharing the costs please let me know

  2. Christy Shorey

    Seeking a room with someone who has already booked one. I plan to arrive on the Thursday the 24th, and fly out on Sunday the 27th.

    • Natalie

      Hi Christy,

      I have a room booked for Thursday eve-Sunday eve and checking out Monday. I might change it to check out Sunday instead and stay with a friend on Sunday eve. I am 43 and don’t snore or smoke and have good hygiene. LOL. I am from Calgary. Want to share a room? Its half of $134/night plus taxes. Email me if you’re interested. Thanks

  3. Natalie

    Hoping to share a room with someone with two queen/double beds. Will pay half. I am staying from Wednesday eve/Thursday check in until Monday. So I can keep the room for an extra day and cover that cost myself. 43 years old. I am a silent sleeper so no snoring please! And I have good hygiene!

  4. Elissa McColl

    I have a two queen room booked Thursday to Sunday and am looking for a woman and/or LGBTQ to share the room and half the cost. Prefer someone with good hygene and a happy disposition 🙂 Message me on Twitter or Facebook or reply here with a way to contact you.


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