The Envelope Please…

envelope with wax seal

Well, SiWC at Home is safely in the books, though the videos of workshops and presentations and keynotes remain up on the site for attendees until the end of November.

Lucky us!

Lucky us also, for we get to reveal the winners of the #SiWC2020 Storyteller’s Award. The top three stories are all fantastic, and will be published across several issues of Pulp Literature Magazine in 2021. The winners are:

Robin Malcolm – 2021 Storyteller’s Award winner for ‘Philomena’.

Janet K. Smith – Honourable Mention for ‘Maslow Meets the Mayfly Moon’.

Adrienne Gruber – Honourable Mention for ‘The Smell of Screaming’.


Congratulations to these fine winners! And be sure to pick up a copy of these marvellous stories when they are published by Pulp Literature Magazine next year.

Happy writing — and see you on April 1, when we launch the 2021 #SiWC writing contest!

~kc dyer, contest coordinator

reachable at, and sweetly tweeting @kcdyer