Trade Show 2018

The three-day SiWC 2018 Trade Show has been created to captivate the interest of all our attending writers. It is an integral part of the conference, not to be missed. Expect to meet editors, illustrators, and associations from every part of the writing and publishing industry. This year's Tradeshow is currently at capacity. If you would like to be added to the cancellation list for 2018 or the waitlist for 2019, please contact

Trade Show hours are:

Friday:8 am to 4 pm
Saturday:8:30 am to 4 pm
Sunday:8:30 am to 1 pm


2018 Trade Show participants:


Indigo Books & Music

#SiWC18 offical bookseller.

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Cascadia Author Services

Cascadia Author Services is staffed by a fun, friendly bunch of West Coast folks who love books, love authors, and love the fact that there are so many routes to success in today’s publishing world. We’re an author services provider serving both traditional and self-publishing authors by offering all the things they need to prepare for publication.

Creative Writing SFU Continuing Studies

The Creative Writing Program at SFU Continuing Studies offers programs, courses and community events on the craft and business of writing, and is home to the year-long creative writing program, the Writer's Studio. All writers need the right tools, techniques and support to develop their work and build a career. Our programs take a holistic approach to mastering the craft of writing, blending dynamic curriculum with hands-on experience and a community where writers can grow together. All of our students have the opportunity to learn from a variety of award-winning authors.





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Editors BC/Editors Canada

Come and visit the Editors BC/Editors Canada table at the 2018 SiWC Trade Show!

Feather Pen Works & Karen Ramstedt

Dana Ramstedt creates and designs feather pens. These feather pens are functional and will add flair to any historical theme. Some are of a simple design while others sport decorative trim to adhere to a genre or season. The feathers range from goose to peacock and more. She tips them with modern or with vintage metal tips for standard print and for calligraphy. A few feathers are finished with a standard ballpoint pen. To compliment her feather pens, Dana offers accessories such as ink, stands, trays and vintage inkwells and bottles to name but a few of the treasures. For a breath of long ago, take history in your hand and visit Feather Pen Works.

Requests taken at


Karen Ramstedt’s photo-based works are expressed through nature, nostalgic, and artistic themes. Her pieces are inspired by her lifelong love and fascination for history and historical people and events. Karen creates a variety of items, such as prints, greeting cards and post cards, magnets, jewellery, and complementary accessories. She looks forward to sharing her passions with you at the Karen’s Heartworks table.

Find Karen on Instagram, under username: Karen Ramstedt




Gateway to Obscurity

Using raw emotions along with touches of humour “Gateway to Obscurity” reveals a very personal expression of the human condition.  Revealed through poetic verse images are woven from words and phrases that allow the reader to better understand many difficult subjects.  It will undoubtedly be a book that the reader will want to read many times over with each time bringing to light a new sense of awareness to one’s self.  It will also be one that a person would want to share with a friend and lover for the insightful language that the author uses to infiltrate our defences and allow the honesty to come forth. Honesty that is too often obscured by an inability to communicate as we grow older and harbour secrets from those we love.


Gratitude and More

Gratitude and More offers a wide range of unique journals. If you find it difficult to start, don't worry, most of our journals offer daily questions to get you going as well as weekly check-in pages. My series include: Gratitude, Just for Today, Anxiety and Mindfulness Workbooks, Travel, Weight Loss and Thug.

I also have a beautiful selection of crystals, gemstones, jewelry and gift bags.

My Website:



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Island Blue/Printorium

Celebrating 105 years in the printing industry. Family owned and operated. Printing books for more than 3000 Canadian Authors and 200 Publishers. Short run book printing from 12 to 1000 copies in b/w books to full colour books.

Contact:  or


Phone:  1-250-385-9786  or     toll free: 1-800-661-3332


Minimobi Ladies Fashion

Come and visit the Minimobi Ladies Fashion table at the 2018 SiWC Trade Show!

Pass the Masala

Come and visit the Pass the Masala table at the 2018 SiWC Trade Show!

Paper Trail Publishing

Come and visit the Paper Trail Publishing table at the 2018 SiWC Trade Show!

Story Threads

Leanne takes her passion for the importance of narrative threads and literally knits those threads into literary-inspired products: book themed or dragon blankets, elf hats and hoods, steampunk and goth headbands ... all inspired by writers like JRR Tolkien, George Orwell, Edgar Allen Poe, Jules Verne, Agatha Christie or Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Whispering Stones

Come and visit the Whispering Stones table at the 2018 SiWC Trade Show!

Wild Heart Emporium

Come and visit the Wild Heart Emporium table at the 2018 SiWC Trade Show!